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Branding & Headshot Photography

Show a personalised side to you business


Reflect Your Personality

Images can help support the growth of your business with a visual story.

Gain Brand Credibility

Professional photos will strengthen your brand & boost brand awareness.


Use your photos on your website, social media, business card & prints.

Images that tell a story

A branding shoot with headshots can give you images that tell a story of who you are and not just what you sell or do. It will add personality to your website and social media and it will put a face on your brand!

You can choose to have the photos taken at my Welcome Bay based photo studio or meet me at a nearby location. My studio has all the props needed such as a desk, a chair, plants and more. 

Let's discuss what you need!

How does it work?

Book a Date

Contact me to discuss your session and confirm a suitable day and time.

Get Ready

You will receive some advice on how to best prepare for your session

Photo Shoot Time

This is where the fun begins! I'll help you with poses & setting

Reveal & Ordering

We'll go through your stunning photos and you get to select your favourites.


Option 1


  • 5 High Resolution Images

  • 1 Setting (In studio or setting of your choice)

Extra Images: $55 each
Makeup: $105 p/p
Note: Petrol costs may apply for distant travelling.


Option 2


  • 15 High Resolution Images

  • 1-2 Settings (in studio and/or your chosen setting)

Extra Images: $55 each
Makeup: $105 p/p
Note: Petrol costs may apply for distant travelling.



Find your Portraiture & Glamour related questions answered below. I have also collected all general questions and information you need to know on a FAQs page. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you can't find the answer to your question.

Why are branding photos so important?

Professional branding photos will show your vibrant personality and style and attract your ideal customer or client. It also means that you will present consistent imagery that encourage confidence and trust in you and your brand. It will make you stand out and show a high level of quality. You will also connect more with your audience as they will get to see more of you and your set-up.

Who needs branding photography?

Anyone who's got a business or a personal branding will benefit from a professional branding photoshoot. This is especially the case if you are in a highly competitive industry where you need to stand out from the crowd. New potential clients may be comparing your website with your competitors and if you've got beautiful, consistent and vibrant photos you are more likely to win people over.

Can't I just use Stock images?

If you are really good at choosing the right stock images you can probably get away with a couple but in general people have become incredibly good at spotting the difference. Stock images don't signal the same quality and they don't have that personal touch as professionally taken photos. 

What can I do with my brand photos?

Your professional brand photos can be used either Online or any kind of print collateral. You can use them on all of your social media platforms for a consistent look, on your website, in your portfolio, newsletters, blog posts and more.


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