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Goodbye Melissa Reid Photography

Hello to She’s In Focus

A new name and logo that supports my dedication to empowering women to embrace and prioritise themselves. Say hello to She’s In Focus – where nurturing and uplifting women come together to make a supportive and safe community.


Why change your name you may be saying?

The choice of "She's In Focus" holds an important meaning for me. While being entirely based around photography, i have realised that what i do during my shoots involves more than just photography. I nurture woman, uplift them and I’m constantly reminding them of how beautiful and strong they really are. I have come to understand we are surrounded by women with low self esteem and low confidence, so my business is evolving to encompass a broader mission: nurturing and championing women's well-being by putting she, her, I, me back In Focus.

Are you allowing yourself to be in Focus in your own life?

This question lies at the heart of She’s In Focus. It's a reminder to prioritise self-love and care—to fill our own buckets before tending to others'.

Too often, women prioritise others before themselves, neglecting their own needs in the process. She's In Focus seeks to challenge this pattern by encouraging women to place themselves front and center in their own lives.

The symbolism behind my logo:

The ring or circle serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it embodies the essence of a camera lens, symbolising the basis of my photography business. Secondly, it represents the supportive community surrounding us, that can support us in our growth. It isn’t closed completely, because we all need to allow others in to help and support us at times.


"She's" encompasses every woman — her, she, you, me - celebrating the collective strength and resilience of women everywhere.

In Focus

"In Focus" – represents my commitment to photography and the art of capturing individuals at their best while being my sole focus. But i want you to be In Focus, by being the focus of your life.

She's In Focus

With She's In Focus, my aim is to – empower women to embrace self-focus, self-care, and self-love as essential parts of fulfilling your life.

Award-Winning Tauranga Photographer

Empowering Photo Shoots for Women

Melissa Reid, Boudoir and portrait photographer in Tauranga New Zealand

Let's capture your natural beauty!

Hi! My name is Melissa Reid I live in the beautiful sunny city of Tauranga with my daughter Sophia. I am an energetic, young-at-heart, fun-loving photographer that believes that every one should have their photo taken. We all want to be remembered in one way or another.

My goal is to help you feel confident and comfortable, have fun and truly enjoy your photo session - no matter if it's a boudoir shoot, glamour photo-shoot or a business branding shoot.

A little about what i do

What I Do

I specialise in photo sessions that make women feel empowered, beautiful & strong. No matter if you are interested in a branding shoot, or boudoir shoot, they're both confident-boosting photo sessions, I am here to make you feel confident & have fun!


Make yourself at home!

My sunny studio is located in Welcome Bay, Tauranga. To make your photos unique there are props suitable for your needs - everything from desk, plants and chairs for branding shoots to cushions, fans and boas for boudoir shoots. 

This is our safe haven where you can feel welcomed, relaxed, confident and inspired!

Melissa Reid's Boudoir and Portraiture Photography Studio in Tauranga

Kind Words

“Absolutely recommend! Every woman should experience this at least once in her life. Absolute confidence boost and so empowering. It made me feel and look gorgeous!


"Melissa makes you feel so comfortable, helps you celebrate your womanhood & captures who your are. She has a beautiful style of photography that is classic. Just do it girls, you wont regret it!"


“I went home & had a dance party after my shoot. I felt so fabulous! I felt so empowered and happy, the first time I have felt like his in ages! On my way home I stopped & bought myself flowers, I felt I deserved it!”


Where photos are the beauty of life captured

/Tara Chrisholm


There are many reasons to book a photo shoot:

Try Something New

Gain confidence and experience something new in a fun, relaxing setting!

Boost Yourself

Let your genuine inner self shine through & capture the beauty of you

Grow Your Business

Images of you with your product can help show a personalised side to you brand

Let's work together


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