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2024 And The New You

Celebrate yourself in 2024

As we move closer to closing the chapter on 2023, and look forward to a new year, with the ability to start fresh, with a new year that could be filled with potential, the age-old tradition of making New Year's resolutions finds its place again in our thoughts.

Does any body do it any more?  Is it now called something else?  Setting Goals or Manifesting our hopes and dreams? 

Whether it's about starting a healthier diet, dedicating more time to reading, or being more active, it all begins with a commitment to make changes and uplift ourselves for the better.

This coming 2024, why not set a resolution to celebrate yourself? Specifically, noticing your own beauty and the inner spark that makes you uniquely you. The noise of life's responsibilities can drown out our personal desires, and even love for ourselves. But this New Year, let's challenge the status quo. I want you to consider capturing and showcasing your natural beauty and confidence while investing in yourself, with a Boudoir Photo-shoot, or Glamour Shoot. Many think Boudoir and Glamour Photography is just about pictures, but it's actually about helping individual woman, like yourself, rediscover your inner strength, confidence, and love for your body.

So, in 2024, I invite you to start your New Year's resolution journey in a unique and empowering way. Opt for a Boudoir session, or a Glamour Photo-shoot.

Why? Well, there are plenty of good reasons!

*Celebrate your journey and your body* Our bodies are always on a journey, aging, changing, surviving, thriving. Every wrinkle, every stretch mark, every scar has a story to tell, one of strength and resilience. Celebrate it in the most uniquely way!

*Uplift your confidence* Self-confidence is precious!!  It can sometimes require an extra boost. Seeing yourself how your photographer see's you, can surprise you! 

*Take control of the hidden youYour photo-shoot will allow you to express yourself the way you want, with encouragement from me if needed.  This shoot enables you to portray the story you desire, a narrative defined and controlled entirely by you.

*Preserve a moment in time*: Life moves fast and changes quicker than we realize. A photo-shoot can capture and help preserve this unique time in your life's journey, creating forever photographs. Remember, the goal of a shoot is to uplift and celebrate your unique self, your unique journey, and who you are as an individual. And you absolutely don't need any prior experience modeling. I help guide and support you throughout the entire process, from what to wear to posing, making it as fun, relaxed, and enjoyable as possible.

Start the New Year of 2024 in the best possible way – by loving and celebrating yourself. Include a Boudoir photo-shoot or Glamour shoot as one of your New Year's resolutions and take the first step towards an empowered, positive year!

At Melissa Reid Photography in Tauranga, I aim to uplift and provide a unique, self-empowering fun experience. Lets start 2024, discovering a newfound confidence, breaking boundaries, and most importantly, embracing and loving ourselves completely. Here’s to a happy, uplifting and positive 2024!

To inquire about a shoot with me or to book, please reach out and lets chat and plan your uniquely you shoot.


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