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The Festive Season Juggle

Juggling the Festive Season

The festive season is upon us, and the juggling begins - kids, extended family, time away, keeping the business ticking along, money, too much food, anndd, down time for you.

It's that time of year again! As the festive spirit takes over, and holiday decorations line every corner of the streets, it's all too easy to get overwhelmed by the juggling act of maintaining your everyday life whilst also diving head-first into the seasons celebrations.

Between catering to our children’s excitement, keeping up with your business appearance on social media, and keeping it ticking along.   Engaging with extended family, and trying to catch some down time while keeping it all together, it can sometimes feel like a juggling act.

However, by prioritising, being a little organized, and practicing a wee bit of mindfulness, it’s absolutely possible to enjoy the holiday season, stress-free.

First and foremost, setting priorities is crucial - make that list! One thing we all seem to forget in the festive rush is that we simply cannot do everything. By working out your must-dos, you can create a clear to-do list that can be achievable. Perhaps you love decorating your house, but don't have much time for holiday baking this year? Focus on creating a cozy and home, and involve the kid to help.  If you have older kids, get them doing the baking (if you don't mind a little mess haha). 

Remember, it’s all about balancing and having fun too.

Next, a little organization can go a long way in relieving holiday stress. Starting your holiday preparations early can give you plenty of time to complete the shopping and prevent last-minute dashing to the shops, with everyone else!! Draft a timeline of when you’d like certain tasks to be finished – from gift shopping to wrapping, to cooking and cleaning. This not only ensures that everything gets done on time but also gives you a sense of control, easing anxiety and tension.

However, we must not forget to factor in some quality down time for you. Maybe this might include getting up before everyone else in the house in the morning, a simple, quiet cup of coffee in the early morning hours, a brief stroll outside can do wonders, or, be sure to take breaks when you can, even if its 10mts here 10mts there through out the day. And of course, keeping the communication lines open with family and your extended family can certainly help juggle holiday plans.

Organizing a family gathering? Divide the chores! Allocate meal planning, decorating, or gift-buying tasks among family members. After all, isn’t sharing is what family is all about? Enjoy your kids’ excited giggles as they write letters to Santa, cherish the sound of jingling bells and merry tunes if, if you can haha, its only once a year!!

Financial difficulties can arise during the festive season too.  Travels costs, Peer pressure to spend or go out, gift expenses, all on top of out increased living expenses, aaagghh!!!

A few tips, budget, it might be tight for a few weeks, but budget.  Prioritise what matters the most.  Be creative with gifts - homemade, personalised gifts, like gift vouchers to baby sit, or clean someones house for them, cake mix in a jar.  Save on power, think smartly, cook more than one thing in the oven at at a time.  Cook bulk amounts.  Did you know power is cheaper during 11am and 5pm, off peak times.  Utilize the time.  Think smartly :)

By approaching the holidays with a well-organized plan, clear communication, appreciation of each person and moment, you'll transform that overwhelming juggle into a graceful dance of festivities, successfully balancing the holiday juggle.

Oh, and most importantly, don't forget to take photos, all those memorable moments!!

Remember, you've got this. Let the festive spirit take over and jingle all the way!


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