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Should I Have A Business Branding Shoot?

Should I or Should I Not Have a Business Branding Shoot, and Why.

Yes you should have a business branding shoot!!  For so many reasons.

First up, branding is not just your logo and your chosen colours that represent your business.  Business branding  showcases your product or service through images.  This also includes you, the owner and possibly also your employees or co workers.  It can also show your processes, where you work, how you work, props that you may utilise within your business, like laptops, books, clothes, and products...etc.  The more things that you can show off to your clients with pleasing professional images, the more time they will likely spend looking at you and your services.

Your images should be able to show case your business, to clients and the wider community, the wider community should be able to look at your images and know what you do or are selling.

Many of us we want to know the face behind the business we want to deal with.  If your face is hidden how are your clients to put trust in you and your business?  Having professional looking images of yourself also shows credibility for yourself and your business.

As a business owner you kind of need to think of professional images as being an investment for the growth of your business.

Branding shoots can be highly under rated by a lot of small business owners.  Most of the time a phone image just wont cut it, does it show credibility?  By employing a professional photographer to take images for you, they can help guide you with posing as well as clothing choices and set ups.  By building a vision board from the help of pintrest or google, and  by listening to you the client about what you're after, together you and your photographer can make images that best describe showcase and suit your business style. 

Once you've decided to take the leap of faith and find a photographer, make sure their style fits with what you are wanting to achieve.  Meet them and go over ideas together, have a consult to make sure your both are on the same page.

When it comes to the actual shoot, if you've done your homework on your photographer and are happy they're the right fit for you and your business, TRUST in your photographer. They know what they're doing, otherwise, why did you choose them?  If something doesn't feel right, let them know.  But trust is a big part of getting the images you are after, the Photographer can see what an image is going to look like by what they see through the window of their camera.  

Finally, having a photo shoot for you and your business can also boost your confidence in your business and yourself.  You get to see yourself looking professional and as a business owner, and so does the world.  You also get to experience something you may have never experienced before, all while having fun and building your brands personality.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!!

BOOK THAT SHOOT AND GROW YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR PERSONAL GROWTH.  Head to the contact page, fill out the form and lets chat and see if we make a good fit!

(The image is a board put together of a branding shoot i have recently completed)


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