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Branding, Portraits, Boudoir or Glamour, what colours should i wear?

What Colour Should I Wear

As we all know, we all like to wear the colours we like, because they give us a different feeling.

For me, white makes me feel clean light and bright. Black covers up, it can make us look smart, stylish or clean cut or help us hide. Sadly they have been my go to colours for so long, because they are also very versatile, they go with anything and everything.  However recently I've learnt a bit about those colours and more.

By wearing different shades and hues of colours that compliment your skin tone, you will look more healthier and brighter.  But wearing a colour that doesn't match your skin tone it can make you look unwell.  For example, wearing a colour that doesnt compliment your skin tone, it can bring out the dark under eye area and make you look tired and poorly.  When i was told this, it actually totally made sense, i could see it!  Give it a go.  A tip for when doing this, wear no makeup.

Now i'm no colour consultant, especially after only have one consult!!  But i have learnt what including colour into your wardrobe feels like.  At first it actually made me feel very nervous and anxious as i didn't want to look silly, it was certainly out of my comfort zone of the versatile black and white and sometime blue and grey.  I had to learn, and teach myself that it was ok to wear colours, its kinda like re training my brain.

My colours i matched for were Muted Autumn, this made me a little sad, as i quite like pastels.  However i have since learnt Pastels are more for Blondes or light coloured hair (im a natural brunette).  If i was to wear them, depending on the depth of the colour they could make me look pale and washed out.  So ive been shopping, and recently bought a few pinks and greens and darker blues, ones that match my colour fan.  Oh and the white i always loved, well, i'm now a slightly off white, it's more suited to my skin.  White I have learnt can be harsh against my skin, it can make my fine lines show up more and stand out, and who wants that?!?!  

In saying all that, i do still love my white and black.  If i wear white i add a scarf or earrings that compliment my skin tone, it help to break the white up a little and softens my look.

By adding colour to my wardrobe now, i feel good, i don't feel like i'm hiding and it certainly helped me feel more alive.  Iv received compliments on the colours that i'm wearing as they are obviously helping me to look more healthier happy and more alive.

If you'd like to have your skin tone colour matched and have a consult, you can contact

Anna - The Casual Chic Lady on her website

When you have a consult with Anna, she will send you an email with the run down of your consult and she will also leave you with a pocket size colour fan with your matched colours that you can take with you when shopping.



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