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Do I Need To Know How to Pose For My Photo Shoot?

How Will I Know How To Pose For My Photo Shoot

Posing, agh, no one wants to do it as it may make them look fake or silly, or maybe it will make you look like your trying too hard?

Well, I'm here to tell you, i have no expectation of you to know how to pose, so stop worrying now!!!

With my expertise, experience and knowledge I will help guide you and support you through your entire shoot, if its Business Branding, Boudoir, Teens or Glam shoot, from hair and makeup, and clothes, right through to your posing, im here to help.  I promise, i will not make you look silly!

A few points for you though;

  • RELAX!!!!  Relax your body and your smile.

  • Feel the music that i will have playing, it will help to relax you.

  • Laugh.  This is a big one, you need to remember to laugh, because when i capture you laughing it makes for authentic natural images.  But i will ask you to have straight face at times too.  But i WILL make you laugh  :)

  • Hold your chin forward, no one wants a double chin to miraculously appear in their images!

  • I will show you a few images as we go through the shoot, just to prove to you that "You'v Got This"

  • I will ask you to make a mood board of ideas and poses that you may like.  I will then incorporate them into my mood board for you.  Before we start the shoot we will go over them together and discuss which will work best and why.

  • Put your trust in me.  Iv got you.

  • FACT  The hardest part of the body for photographers to pose, is yours hands.  So practice ballet hands  :)

Trust in your photographer, search their latest work, ring them up, chat with them and see if you connect with them.  If you feel you don't connect or you feel like they don't see your vision, then maybe you are not the best fit for each other.  This can happen.

Me... I like to keep it as personal as possible so i make that connection with my client before the actual shoot day.

If you'd like to know more, fill out the contact form to make the first move.


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